Monday, March 01, 2004

Ramalamadingdong! (Stuff about Aaron.)

Aaron posts some photos of himself, his wife, and some other guy performing in what for all the world looks like my parents' living room*. Aaron is the bearded one. With the hat. And the grin in the first picture as if to say, "Behold my guitar, foolish mortals!" His wife is the non-bearded one in the shirt that shines under its own power.

Aaron's wife, Krista, was one of the very first people I met in the music department at college (we were freshmen the same year). What I always remember about her (well, one thing) is mildly lampooned by Aaron in the caption to the second photo: no matter what the piece of music is, no matter how frenetic the percussion parts are, she maintains a completely blank expression while playing. I seem to recall her once telling me that she actually worked to cultivate this skill, which I must admit would be absolutely useful in certain situations. For instance, Krista belongs to a special class of people for whom I've always felt the highest levels of sympathy: she is one who has had to play the snare drum part to Ravel's Bolero. (There is no piece of classical music I despise more than Bolero.)

However, looking at these pictures, I note something else about Krista: She shows, to my highly practiced eye, absolutely no sign that she has aged a single day since I first saw her in the music building lobby fifteen years ago**! I spent a bit of my day mulling this over -- as I noted previously, my current job is one that lends itself to lots and lots of time for "mulling" -- and, when I considered the fact that Aaron's job is an overnight one (I think), I came to the staggering conclusion that Krista is, in fact, a vampire. Thus, she spends the time when Aaron is sleeping -- during the day -- also in deep slumber, albeit in a coffin, which serves double-duty at night as the object she uses to tote around her drums. It all fits!


* You can tell that I am too book-centric when I look at the photos of Krista and try to identify the books on the shelves behind her. I always do this. Show me a picture of George W. Bush accepting a bribe from Saddam Hussein in front of a bookshelf, and I'm going to try to identify the books.

** Holy Crap, has it been that long?!

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