Sunday, March 21, 2004

All Pings Welcome!

I've made it standard practice to ping for about a year now whenever I post. This, I am told, allows services like BlogRolling to know when I've updated, so I show up on BlogRolling-powered blogrolls as sporting new posts. And since I tend to do all my posting for a given day in one shot, my typical practice is to write a couple of posts, publish them, and ping; then I'll write a few more posts and publish those, but not ping until hours later. In this way, I get two pings out of a single round of updates. I have no idea if this helps generate traffic or if it's just a useless scheme I've cooked up, but it seems harmless.

Except that I've discovered that at least over the last couple of days, has been accepting my pings even though I have made no changes to Byzantium's Shores in the interim. I pinged a short while ago, with nothing new published here since the last time I pinged (on Friday), and it went through just fine. Hmmmmmm. (This could all just be meaningless blather on my part, as well. Ya never know.)

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