Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Two Observations

ONE: I just saw an ad for The Passion of the Christ which is one of those "Our movie's been out for a month now, so here are some catch-phrases from our critics" ads. At one point, the portentous announcer says something like, "Roger Ebert calls The Passion powerully moving!" Which made me think, wouldn't it be funny if someone made a movie of the Christ story that critics found "strangely uninvolving"?

TWO: Years ago, one of the ESPN guys on SportsCenter defined disappointment as "Sitting down to watch NYPDBlue, noting with excitement the warning about partial nudity, and then discovering that it's Detective Medavoy who gets nude." Well, that's exactly what happened tonight. Yeeesh....

(Medavoy, for those uninitiated, is the portly, middle-aged cop on the show. No, not Dennis Franz. The other one.)

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