Monday, March 22, 2004

Geez, why didn't I ever think of that?!

In the last few hours, I've seen two articles linked from outposts in Blogistan that involve artistic folks who have been forced, via shifts in the nature of their chosen artistic field, to get day jobs not in that field. One is cited here, by Friedrich of the Dynamic Blowhardic Duo, and I've seen the other in a number of places already -- John Scalzi first, and Teresa Nielsen Hayden has devoted space for what's sure to be a long comment thread about it.

I'm of mixed mind when I see things like this. First, it annoys me that we're constantly bombarded with rhetoric in this world that we can do anything we want to do, and yet, we really can't; but then, it also annoys me that people complain that they can't, as if they're shocked -- shocked! -- to discover that we haven't come round to the world depicted in Star Trek when self-betterment is the goal of everybody. I don't know, really. I tend to be a believer that one should play the cards they're dealt, but I'm also sympathetic to the fact that the cards just don't get dealt fairly, and ultimately I suspect that we aren't afforded nearly as many choices in this world as we like to pretend we are.

No, I have no point here, just half-baked ramblings.

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