Sunday, March 28, 2004

Search Engine Strangeness

I'm flummoxed by a couple of search engine queries that have recently steered a bit of traffic here. First -- and I'm pretty sure I've commented on this before, and I have no idea why it's happening again -- are searches for people evidently wondering if the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kevin McClatchy, is gay. Well, as a Pirates fan, I'm more interested in just when he's planning to end the streak of consecutive losing seasons (currently 11, nearly certain to be 12 after this year) in which the Bucs are mired.

Second, in the last twenty-four hours I'm seeing a bunch of hits from people looking for info on the 9-11-01 Memorial Edition of that "Jenga" game. Lord, I hope such a thing does not exist. Not even my sense of humor, which is pretty dark at times, finds much to laugh about there.

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