Friday, March 19, 2004

I hear things....

In the course of my job, I wander in and out of many departments for just moments at a time -- seconds, even, if I'm just passing through. This means that I overhear bits of conversation between employees that, in some cases, are intriguing and in others make me think, "GAAHHHH, I gotta get outta here!" Here are a few from the last day or two:

1. One guy, standing on top of some very high shelves to do some stocking, calls down to his helper on the floor: "Hey, do you think those boxes will support me when I jump down?" (He was about twenty feet off the ground. The boxes stood at no higher than four feet.)

2. One woman, to another, unaware that I was anywhere near, even though I wear keys that jangle and frequently hum whilst walking: "Yeah, the doctor's going to do an examination because he thinks my eggs aren't implanting. And I really hate those exams, because I don't like the way it feels when--" (At this point I feigned several loud coughs.)

3. Produce Guy #1: "I dunno, you think he'll be pissed?"

Produce Guy #2: "Dude, she's his sister!"

(This one, I wanted to stick around for. Alas, I couldn't figure out a way to do it without being obvious.)

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