Tuesday, March 30, 2004

An Impending Hiatus, and a couple of other notes.

Just a heads-up for my regular readers: I will be taking a week-long hiatus starting on Easter Sunday and ending the Saturday after Easter Sunday. This hiatus will coincide with the wife's vacation, so we'll be doing some fun stuff away from the computer, and anyway, it's been a while since I took time off to recharge the blogging batteries. I'm falling dangerously behind on my 2004 Reading List, for instance.

Also, I'm kicking around ditching BlogRolling for maintaining the blogroll, just to speed things up, really. I never found it all that easier to use than by merely hand-coding links, and the "Recently Updated" thing doesn't seem to actually work for all blogs. I'll probably implement that change in the next few days. Nothing against BlogRolling, really, but the load-time issue is a biggie, and I just don't gain as much by using that service as I thought I might when I signed up. (I was considering this move before the service was bought by some other company, so this isn't some grand stand against the corporatization of the Web.)

Finally...well, there is no "finally". That's it.

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