Monday, March 22, 2004

Yeah, yeah, TPM sucked, I get it.

Last night's episode of The Simpsons opened with a five-minute long meditation on Star Wars fans. Basically, everybody in Springfield is shown standing in line to see a movie called something like Cosmic Wars I: The Gathering Threat. At the head of the line is Comic Book Guy, decked out in flannel and jeans, just like the genius creator of Cosmic Wars. And then the movie starts, with the opening crawl droning on and on about "regulatory agencies" and whatnot. And a character named "Jim Jom Bonks", and so on. Basically, The Simpsons invoked nearly every pithy whine about The Phantom Menace ever uttered, and all as a set-up for a story about Homer and Marge drinking too much.

Some of it was kind of funny, but it was also tired and lame -- I'll admit that I laughed, but it was at the same time that I was thinking, "Good Lord, that movie came out five years ago! You're just getting around to lampooning it now?" Not the finest in topical humor, guys.

(Apparently, the Star Wars parody stuff can be downloaded at, if you're dying to see it. I'd advise waiting for the rerun. The episode's main story was pretty dull.)

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