Sunday, March 14, 2004


I was up early this morning to get the Wife and the Kid to the airport, and I've spent most of the four hours since their takeoff hitting "refresh" on the airline's flight status page every minute or two, and wondering if the Kid's reaction to her first ever airplane flight rises from her "Everything's an adventure!" self, as opposed to her "Everything's a big terrifying monstrosity!" self. I'll find out later, I suppose. Meanwhile, nothing more for today -- I'm going to decompress for a while and watch Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers back to back. (Extended versions, which is cool, but on VHS, which isn't. The DVDs were already rented out at BlockBuster. No, I don't own either of the Extended versions on DVD yet. I decided to hold out until the inevitable mega-box set arrives. Sooner, I hope, rather than later.)

Meantime, by all means peruse the fine folks in the blogroll. Lynn Sislo (Reflections in d-minor) has a couple of nifty conversations going on about music, interesting stuff as always at 2Blowhards, and yet more great stuff at Wil Wheaton Dot Net. Enjoy!

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