Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Raise the glass for St. Paddy!

A happy St. Patrick's Day to all my readers, Irish-descent or not. (I am Irish on my mother's side; my father's side is German.) I had hoped to take the kid to Buffalo's St. Patrick's Day Parade the other day, but family misfortunes ruled that out. Maybe next year. So now I'm just sittin' and bloggin', whilst listening to my Naxos CD of "An Irish Symphony" by Sir Hamilton Hardy (1879-1941). Later I'll listen to some Chieftains, although I'll have to be careful and play the Irish stuff, and not the Welsh stuff or the Scottish stuff or the Galician stuff or the Canadian Celtic stuff get the idea.

And maybe I'll have a beer, since my brand of choice at the moment is, conveniently enough, Michael Shea's. (Good thing, that -- last time I bought beer, I came very close to getting Tsing-Tao instead, which just wouldn't be appropriate.)

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