Saturday, March 27, 2004

Video Store Advice

Looking for something good to watch when all that's on is boring basketball? Or are all the copies of From Justin to Kelly out of stock at BlockBuster? Well, Sean links a nifty list of underappreciated movies, and it really is a good list. There are 100 movies on this list, and the only ones I'd question are as follows:

Dragonslayer In fairness, it's been a long time since I saw this one, but I recall it being pretty dour and humorless. I should watch it again, though. (Alex North's last film score, by the way.)

Alien 3. I don't like any of the Alien movies, but this one's especially bad. Not even a good score (Eliott Goldenthal) saves it from being dreck.

Young Sherlock Holmes. This is two-thirds of a really good movie. The ending, in which the great detective suddenly becomes an action hero, stinks. Great score by Bruce Broughton, though.

The Mosquito Coast. I can't say I like this one much, but it's worth watching just to remind oneself of what Harrison Ford was capable of doing before he decided, after The Fugitive, to stop challenging himself.

Point Break. Good idea for a movie, really, and it's fun for a while. But about two-thirds of the way through it just won't stop taking itself so damned seriously. Scrubs fans can enjoy a younger John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox), though, as a snotty FBI superior.

The Last Boy Scout. Nope. Sorry. I love this movie's opening credits, and the very first scene is pretty good ("Whoa, did that football player really just do that?!"), but after that it's pretty dull and depressing. And really, I can't get behind a movie that has Bruce Willis, after he's defeated all the bad guys, embracing his wife and whispering "Fuck you" in her ear. Come on.

The Hudsucker Proxy. I like weirdness and flights-of-fancy and all that, but this one is just too "out there". Good production design and all that, but we're talking about a movie whose MacGuffin is a hula-hoop. Sure.

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