Monday, March 15, 2004

All the old, familiar places....

A couple of old conversation partners from my days of posting on have, since then, done as I did and entered Blogistan -- although the two I mention here seem to be ensconced in Blogistan's breakaway province, LiveJournalopia. First is Jostein Hakestad, a guy from Norway whose tastes generally follow the formula 80% in total agreement with mine, and 20% in maddening disagreement.

And then there's Jason Blalock (also known as Jay), of whom I lost total track until I happened to turn him up again over the weekend. He was the force behind a favorite film music review site of mine, ScoreLand, before his interests shifted and he left film music behind. He is no longer updating ScoreLand, but he has made all the old content there available. Just don't stare for too long at those spinning CDs at the bottom of his reviews.

(And if you mention ScoreLand -- the film music site -- on your blog or journal, you'll get lots of search engine hits from folks looking for, well, this. NSFW!)

Lastly, I also note via Aaron the presence online of an old college friend who played double bass in the orchestra and electric bass in the jazz band, Mark Cuthbertson. Mark is one of the most unbelievably unflappable people I've ever known, and the closest I ever saw him come to pure anger was when none other than Wynton Marsalis, in a clinic-master class setting, announced that the electric bass isn't an instrument for real jazz musicians, or some such thing. I think Mark raised both eyebrows at that one....

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