Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound!

:: Living here in Buffalo, where snow is as much a fact of life as high property taxes and incompetent county government, our teevee weatherpeople tend to be fairly unexcitable when there's big snow in the forecast. Unlike this guy from Baltimore:

:: The Abridged Atlas Shrugged. Wow, this would have saved me some time reading an awful, awful book...of course, I'd abridge it even farther:

"I'm an asshole," John Galt said. "Come with me."

"OMG!" Dagny squealed. "I'm an asshole too! Let's elope!"


:: The Milky Way Transit Authority. I love this!

More next week.

1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

Primarily, it's his animated vocal delivery.
Secondarily, it's his animated physical delivery.
Tertiarily, it's his enthusiasm for the word tertiary.