Monday, February 22, 2010

I AM happy, darn it!!!

Redsneaks tags me with something about being happy. I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy.

He notes that his blog probably presents a more morose tone to his life than is accurate (with good reason -- he's been through a lot). I note that I probably seem happier on the blog than I do in real life! Not that I'm unhappy, but I seem to have the kind of face that defaults to an expression that seems to display unhappiness that I don't feel. I've noticed that when I take self-portraits of myself (such as are visible over on Flickr), if I'm not outright grinning or making some other face, basically if I'm just sitting there doing stuff, I look annoyed or "in the dumps" or something. It's not at all uncommon for people to see me walking around my day and ask me if something's bothering me or what I'm pissed at, and my response is, "Huh? I'm fine! Really!"

So I'm not a person who makes internal peace outwardly obvious. Oh well. Maybe I'll work on that...or maybe not.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to do some kind of list for this post. Ten things that make me happy (minus the obvious mentions of The Wife, The Daughter, and Star Wars):

1. Hot pizza
2. The pleasant feeling after consuming a couple of adult beverages
3. That feeling when a really nifty idea pops into my head while writing
4. Get Fuzzy
5. The Olympic Games
6. Pies in the face
7. Fried chicken (hot for dinner, cold the next day for lunch)
8. The way used bookstores smell
9. The way hardware stores smell
10. Bib overalls!

And there you go. I'm not going to tag anyone, but I wouldn't mind seeing this one spread out through Blogistan!

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redsneakz said...

Yes, Get Fuzzy is on my happy list, too - especially now that I own a cat and know that they're truly demonic little critters.