Friday, February 12, 2010

Minimalistic Eating

Sometimes I'm in the mood for a small and very uncomplex meal. Here's one combination I fall back on once in a while:

A minimalistic dinner

It's simply a cut-up apple with some sliced cheddar cheese. I only discovered a few years ago that I do, in fact, like the flavor pairing of apple and cheddar (even though I refuse to extend my interest here to a slice of cheddar on top of apple pie). With a nice-sized apple and eight or nine slices of cheese, this meal can be downright filling. If you haven't tried apples-and-cheddar, give it a shot.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is one of those 'when I get older' kind of things that your body adjusts to - the apple cheddar thing. It's like for me putting butter on a meat sandwhich. As a kid that was such a dealbreaker for me. Last week I asked what the hell was making my sandwhich (that I bought at the deli already pre-wrapped) taste so good. I had to take it apart and there was the buttered bun. I nearly died. Who knew? I also used to hate sour creame but now I can't eat my perogies without it.

Unknown said...

Another simple thing I love; fresh Italian bread with either (a) prosciutto, mozzarella and roasted red peppers or (b) genoa salami or sopressata and provolone.

Rip off a hunk of bread, grab a few of those toppings, fold in half and eat over the sink if need be.