Thursday, July 12, 2007

You [beep] donkey!!!

Anyone else out there love Hell's Kitchen as much as I do? I think that show is unbelievably hilarious -- the blend of The Apprentice with a cooking show is terrific, especially since Chef Gordon Ramsay seemingly alternates between exactly three moods: calm and playful when he's being a "civilian", mild haughty disdain when he's being a chef, and -- most amusingly -- over-the-top, profanity-laced rage when he's being the chef.

Interestingly, I don't think the show would play so well if we were hearing Ramsay's unexpurgated curse words, epithets, expletives, and use of "f***" as punctuation. The censoring beep actually seems to make things funnier, when he'll utter a sentence that includes four or five beeps.

Anyway, here's a long video of highlights from Season Two of HK, with some very funny stuff (like his immortal "You donkey!", when the inept Giacomo can't figure out that the oven isn't working because he turned the gas off). My favorite Gordon Ramsay moment, however, comes at the beginning of this short video, when he gets so worked up that his voice actually breaks on the word "nonstick".


Roger Owen Green said...

Not that I watch Hell's Kitchen - I don't - but I'm sure your observation about the bleeps is correct. I have, on a baseball CD, Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda talking to the press about Dave Kingman's 3 homers. It's about 80 seconds, but contains about a dozen bleeps. Hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I watched it last year, but for some reason, haven't caught up with this year yet. I thought it was rather funny last year. Loved the clips on YouTube.

I went to school at IU and had Bob Knight as my basketball coaching instructor. Talk about bleeps! His press conferences are timeless.