Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I didn't see a whole lot of standout weirdness on the Intertubes this week, for some reason. I do note that apparently Dark Horse is re-issuing the Gor novels. Now, I never read the Gor novels, but from what I've gleaned, they're a series of planetary romance novels in the attempted vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs that happen to feature a healthy dose of misogyny. So far I've read a lot of "What is Dark Horse thinking?!" style of commentary on this. Has anyone out there read the Gor books? How bad are they? I have to admit that I might read a couple just out of curiosity.

(Sorry about the fairly lame Burst this week, but that's what I had to work with, folks!)


Anonymous said...

I read several of them over 20 years ago. I sort of liked the first one, liked the second one a little less, got impatient with the third one and totally disgusted after that. I can't remember if I read four or five of them.

The series involves a quest (the hero searching for something) but after the first two books this quest becomes just an excuse to entice the reader to buy the next book. The hero's adventures have less to do with the original quest in each sequel. It just comes up for the cliffhanger ending.

Unknown said...

I don't think you want to. I read a couple a long time ago, and never again. Norman treats women as leather-bikinied sexbots who just need a good dose of slavery to free their inner orgasmic selves.


Anonymous said...

I have read them all, they are great Fantasy but the Bondage, D/S is over whelming.

The first 5 books were editied, after book 5 there was no editing and massive chunks of each book are expostions on how D/S is more satisfiying to the women (being sub) How much should naturally enslave women etc. etc.

Readers and re-readers (For those who like the fanstay story not the sex) know when to skip the next 40 page chapter on sex and continue reading. Some very good yarns set in typical settings, Pirate, Merchant Prince, Horse tribes in the Prarie, Vikings, Eskimos, Up the Amazon (With Amazons!) Each society having their own little twist on enslaving women. (Cant have Women in Lingere in the North Pole)

Why being reprinted? Market forces of course. I bought mine when they came out late 70s-early 80s maybe 2 bucks a pop. Sold all 25 on Ebay 3 years ago average price $10-12 dollar range EACH

But before Reading Gor read Space Viking by HB Piper First

Best Wishes