Friday, July 13, 2007

Unidentified Earth 10

[Updated with a hint.]

[Updated again.]

Somehow I totally forgot to do this last night, since this is a Thursday feature. Sorry, faithful readers! Just a good old fashioned dropping-of-the-ball on that one.

First, I've decided that closing comments and having guesses e-mailed to me isn't that great, so I'm reverting to comments. I would like to impose one rule, though: When leaving a guess, please use this widget to convert your guesses and answers into rot-13. That way, the comments won't spoil it for anyone who's looking to comment while still trying to figure it out for themselves. I think that will work. If anyone comments without using rot-13, I may delete that comment, but when doing so, I will convert it to rot-13 myself and repost it, identifying the original poster so that it won't be like the entire comment is scrubbed forever from the blog. Let's see how that works.

Second, last week's answer. I received two correct replies, so those of you who got it -- you know who you are -- can award yourself five thousand Quatloo's. The image was of the Millau Viaduct in France, which is the world's tallest vehicular bridge. What's cool about the image I used is that the Viaduct wasn't completed; only the very tall concrete support pylons are in place, which can be made out sharply standing upright and casting long, straight shadows on the valley floor. Congrats to the winners! Don't spend all your Quatloos in one place.

And now for this week's stumper:

Where are we?

(Remember to rot-13 your answers!)

UPDATE I, 7-17-07: Here's the first hint. This location figured prominently in a movie.

UPDATE II, 7-19-07: Here's the second hint: The movie came out in 1969.


Anonymous said...

You know, J, it was one thing when I ran across this while at work and it only took me a few minutes to get (rememeber Skywalker Ranch?); but this one is killing me. Also, my mother would like to thank you for giving my dad another reason to spend hours on google earth.

By the way, my dad got three or four of the first 10 in about 12 seconds. If you stump him, you've done something... :)

In short, I NEED A CLUE!

SAW said...

yep. Ain't gonna happen. Clue please?