Monday, July 23, 2007

Hallowing Deathly

There's a really fun free-for-all, spoilerific Harry Potter thread going on over at Making Light, and I just want to highlight this comment, which is as good a summation of the book's central theme as I'm likely to see. Kudos to Leah Miller, author of the comment.


Call me Paul said...

Uh, yeah. To Leah Miller, all I can say is, "it's a freakin' book, OK?" Speculating on what might have happened to fictional characters if their lives had been different is, well, stupid. Snape was the way he was, not because of his upbringing, and his experience in Slytherin House, but because J.K. Rowling fucking wrote him that way. Let's not blur the lines between reality and fantasy any more than they already are in contemporary North America, OK?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Geez, Paul, are you in a bad mood tonight or something?