Monday, July 02, 2007


Last time I revised my blogroll, I removed Rittenhouse Review because its creator, James Capozzola, hadn't posted in more than two months, as is my general approach to such things. Still, I kept him bookmarked in an "Inactive Blogs" folder, in hopes he'd return. He was one of the first big liberal blogs out there, way back in 2002; for a while he was the only major liberal blog to link mine; he was the writer of a particularly fine essay, "Al Gore and the Alpha Girls"; he was a proud denizen of Philadelphia; and he was a doting cohabitant of a bulldog named Mildred.

Sadly, James Capozzola has died. I seem to recall that he wasn't generally in the best health -- but that explains why his blog fell silent for the last time.

Somebody better be taking care of Mildred.

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