Monday, July 23, 2007

Sentential Links #107

Installment One Hundred the Seventh! Let us commence!

:: I got through surgery and had my gallbladder removed. (You know, I was remiss in wishing Shamus well before his surgery, so I'll toss him a Sentential Link after it. Because that's totally the same thing. Best to him for his recovery!)

:: Don't even get me started on the gnashing of teeth and gouging of eyes I am reduced to when 'impact' is used as anything but a noun. (You know what's weird? Every person I've ever heard expressing this sentiment is Canadian. Is there something in the Canadian water that so impacts the linguistic centers of their brains?)

:: My marriage, unfortunately, is hanging on by a thread - a frazzled one at that. (My commiserations. And your five questions are on the way!)

:: Is this really a breast cancer blog? (Brand new blog to me. Check it out. In an odd coincidence, I've also started faithfully reading Funky Winkerbean over the last couple of weeks. I hope that this blogger's breast cancer tale has a better ending.)

:: If you've ever taken a creative writing class, you probably had to do that assignment where you take a line from a famous poem and build your own poem out of it. (Oh thank God, no, I didn't. But then, it now occurs to me that I've never taken a creative writing class. Another brand-new blog to me this week.)

:: I've said this before but I cannot stress this enough: I have an irrational fear of mayonnaise. I cannot abide the stuff. When that commercial for squeezable mayo comes on television, I mash my eyes shut and plug my ears and go "LA LA LA LA LA!" I can't handle it. (Yet another brand new blog to me this week! I'm certainly becoming quite the out-going denizen of Blogistan, eh?)

:: But how did you discover Superman and Satan were the same person? (I swear I didn't make this up.)

:: The whims of fate have tossed us like tumbleweeds. Now we have lived in this place for what seems like our average stay in a community. Out of sheer habit, I'm feeling like it's time to move again. (Well, Buffalo always needs good people! You'd always be welcomed here. And we have seasons and stuff.)

:: The format doesn’t need to be perfect, but seriously don’t switch back and forth between stage play and screenplay format. (Are you allowed to do spec scripts in stage play format? Because, truth to tell, I hate writing in screenplay format. Hate it. It makes me feel as though seven of every ten keystrokes are hitting the TAB key to get things in the proper place.)

:: He said of his wife, simply, "I can't live without her." (I don't care that this post is almost three years old. Read it, if nothing else from this batch of links. Blogging politics is one thing. Blogging a love story is something else.)

And so we wrap up for this week.

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Thanks Jaquandor. I look forward to your questions.