Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's here it for Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania passes a law protecting the right to breastfeed in public. Wow -- ditching Santorum, now this! Good on them!

(Via PSoTD, who coins the term "feed-o-phobes" to refer to people who are against public breastfeeding. Nice word.)


Yes, in the title of this post, I used "here" when I meant "hear". This is because I wrote the post in about nine seconds when I was tired, and these days, I'm seemingly morphing into something of an idiot.

But hey, making these kinds of errors has never stood in Matthew Yglesias's road to blogging fame and fortune, so maybe I'll start making moor mistakes of the homonymic variety.


Roger Owen Green said...

I prefer "lactation intolerance", myself.

Call me Paul said...

Did you intend to say "let's hear it," or are you making a pun that I'm too stupid to get?

Kelly Sedinger said...

grumble...see the update to the post.