Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Very Public Service Message

For folks attending A Taste of Buffalo this weekend, two key points:

:: Each booth serves, at most, three or four different things, and that's it. So if you wait in a line for more than, oh, one minute -- and exactly zero booths at ToB have wait-times less than that -- then there's absolutely no reason why you can't know what you're ordering by the time your turn comes up. So, please oh please, don't stand in line with two other people, and then when your turn arrives, turn to your cohorts and say, "So what do you guys want from here?"

:: You may have noticed some fairly large numbers of people clustered around you, especially in the food lines. So once you get an item from a booth, please oh please go somewhere else to eat it. Do not simply move all of four feet from the counter and then stand right there to chow down. Now that ToB is on Delaware and Niagara Square, there is absolutely no shortage of places to slip away while you eat such that you won't be in the way of the other people coming behind you in line.

:: If you're in line for some booth, and it's getting very close to your turn, then please oh please do not then cluster closely around the poor soul in front of you who's just grabbed his or her food and is only looking to get out of the way. Let them out.

Please oh please.

Thank you.

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