Monday, July 23, 2007

Hey Jeff!

Your questions are in comments below. (Unless you're reading this the second I publish, in which case, give me a few minutes to type them!)


Kelly Sedinger said...

OK, Jeff, here you go:

1. Is your wife aware of the degree to which you blog about your relationship? If so, her reaction?

2. How much, generally, do you find Christianity to be a struggle?

3. What's your favorite book in the Bible, and why?

4. Describe the best and worst meals you've ever had.

5. You, at home, a night alone, and you won't have to clean up. (Elves, or something.) What do you do? What's for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Those are great questions! I will get on them and hopefully have a post up before the end of the week. HOPEFULLY.

Anonymous said...

Okay, they are up!