Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Interview Meme, still kicking!

Questions came my way from Tosy and Cosh:

1. What potential storyline set up in the third season of Once and Again are you most disapointed they never got to address?

Well, one major reason I'm frustrated at the continued non-availability of Season Three on DVD is that since the show ended five years ago, I don't really remember Season Three much! That said, Karen Sammler's journey back to love and Jessie's sexuality were fascinating threads that got cut short, I think.

2. What John Williams theme is your most treasured, and why?

Oh, heavens. I treasure so much of Williams's work that this is really hard -- but for once I'll go with the spirit of the question and not cheat, and thus name only one theme. The "Force Theme" from the Star Wars films, which is to my mind the most resonant of all of the themes from that series. (It started off as "Ben Kenobi's Theme", but then became more strongly associated with the Good Side of the Force over the course of the Saga. For those who aren't as geekily familiar with these scores as I, this is the first theme that plays in Star Wars during the Throne Room finale sequence, as Luke, Han and Chewbacca walk down the aisle toward their medals.)

3. What single location - not a town or region, but a discrete place (a single park, or field, or lake) - is your favorite?

See, now this is just mean! My favorite single location? Aieee!

Well, there's a creek that runs nearby the apartment complex where we live, about two miles away. This creek cuts through a surprisingly deep ravine for these parts, and there's a back road between my town and East Aurora, NY that drops down into this ravine to cross that creek. Sometime I should take pictures when I go that way. I love that in Buffalo you can be in the midst of urban settlement, but still be minutes away from terrain that feels remote.

(Now, expanding my answer out a bit, I adore Southern and Southeastern Erie County. There are spots so gently beautiful around here that I frankly never want to leave.)

4. What piece of art - a song, a tv episode, a film - made you cry the most upon first seeing it - the largest, wettest, most copious tears.

First time? Well, I've always been one to get misty-eyed, or sob outright, at movies. Always. I remember as a kid, watching Snoopy Come Home, and thinking that it was dead certain that Snoopy was never going to get home, and crying my eyes out...or the end of The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy's saying goodbye to her friends before clicking her heels to come home.

More recently? Well, the first time I read it, I was completely unprepared for the emotional wallop of the last half of The Darkest Road, the third book in Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar Tapestry. To this day, re-reads of that trilogy bring me to tears.

Certain episodes of Once and Again make me cry, too -- "There Be Dragons", especially.

5. You are given the magical ability to have any career in teh arts you want. But the gift comes with a price; you will no longer be able to physically write (or dictate - don't get picky about the details; youcan't write). Do you take it? And what would you do?

No, I don't. Writing's what I have. It might take me a little while to rule out becoming a musician, but ultimately, no.

OK, that was fun!

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Tosy And Cosh said...

Amen on the O&A; I just watched the season two finale last week, nd was misting up something awful. That moment when Karen calls and gets Jesse, and Jesse basically throws her off of the phone in her excitement over the about-to-start wedding, and we see Karen's devastation. . . just wow.

I actually remember finding the romance between Karen and her therapist forced, but agree that a Season Four would have let the Jesse storyline develop nicely.