Sunday, October 17, 2004

Three items of "Oy".

WARNING: Politics here! Move on if you'd rather not see leftism on display.

Here are three things I read this morning that have me saying, "Oy".

:: Via Thousand Yard Glare I find that in addition to industrial pollution, we also need to worry about military pollution. Stories here and here. Oy.

:: Via John Scalzi I see that back before the Iraq invasion, planning for the post-war Iraq wasn't just lacking but utterly nonexistent. Oy. I'm not sure when "Que sera, sera" became a viable approach to war planning, but I'm not liking the results.

:: Via Matthew Yglesias I see a rather disturbing account of just how supremely confident in his own instinct George W. Bush is. The degree to which this President is so convinced of his own righteousness just scares me. Oy.

:: Why stop at three? Via Darth Swank I see that the Bush Administration is just so darned serious about fighting terrorism that they finally got round to freezing the assets of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a terrorist who's been making all kinds of headaches in Iraq since the invasion. Oy. Who knows, maybe the "Everything changed after 9-11" Administration will actually pull the trigger now, if they ever get another good chance to kill Zarqawi. Remember, they didn't before.

OK, that's all out of my system. Back to normal stuff.

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