Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The "Bush Bulge"

I'm sure we've all seen the photos of the incredibly weird "bulge" underneath President Bush's jacket, roughly near his shoulder blades, taken during the Presidential debates. Speculation ranges from some kind of bulletproof vest to some kind of wireless device broadcasting debate points into Bush's ear via a secret earpiece. The former strikes me as odd given that every person entering the auditorium was surely vetted at least eight times by the security people, while the latter seems odd given that...well, that Bush by all accounts didn't exactly mop up the floor with John Kerry.

But now, via Libertarian Jackass, I see this photo from the White House website, of the President driving his truck on his ranch. Note that he's wearing a t-shirt, that the bulge is totally visible here, and that the photo was taken over two years ago.

What the hell is that thing? Is it possible that the President has the most freakishly prominent shoulderblades in history, or is he wearing...something? What the hell is it?!

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