Friday, October 01, 2004

Risin' t' d' bait

The clear winner of last night's first Presidential debate were, in my mind, William Petersen and Dennis Franz. This is because instead of watching an event that bears about as much resemblance to Lincoln vs. Douglas as a high-school football game bears to the Super Bowl, we watched the season premiere episodes of CSI and NYPD Blue that we taped last week. It only seemed the right thing to do. Thoughts:

:: Why is it that of the CSI shows, now numbering three, the only one that seems to have a sense of humor is the original?

:: I still enjoy NYPD Blue, but I'm glad this is the last year. Aside from the idea that a former "skel" (or "perp", depending on the situation) is apparently stalking Det. Sipowicz, it's the same kind of stuff. Still, I think this show has been generally underrated throughout its run.

:: OK, I did catch the very first minute of the debate, in which Jim Lehrer played the role of the person who reads the instructions to the students at the outset of the SATs, and the opening handshakes. This is because I was getting water out of the fridge at the time. I thought the instructions/rules were ludicrous. Is anyone else disturbed by the implications for Democracy In America that we have to provide a buzzer at the debates, in the event that one of the candidates talks too long? Oy. Anyway, unless something drastic changes, I have no intentions of posting anything more about the debates than this comment, right here. For reactions, check out the folks on my blogroll. (Unless you want to hear that Bush won. For that, you'll need to find a conservative blogroll. Sorry.)

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