Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sadly, the leader of the French archaeological team was looking in the wrong place....

Somehow I failed to take notice that John Hardy, the resident Master of Esoterica over at Laputan Logic, is posting again, with a bit of redesign that makes his blog a bit more readable. If you like nifty, offbeat stuff, this is the blog for you. Go there and check it out...

...and in particular, note a jaw-dropping news item that I had no idea had transpired until I read it on John's blog first: archaeologists have found the palace of Genghis Khan, and they believe that his long-lost tomb may be nearby.

Genghis Khan's grave site is one of archaeology's enduring mysteries. According to legend, in order to keep it secret, his huge burial party killed anyone who saw them en route to it; then servants and soldiers who attended the funeral were massacred.

Here is the foundation of the recently-unearthed palace:

I can't help but look at this and wonder just where the "stately pleasure dome" might have stood.

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