Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nice try, Glenn.

Glenn Reynolds says this:

I think that Oliver [Willis, who calls him a partisan] mistakes a reluctance to engage in name-calling with a facade of above-the-fray I-have-no-opinions "nonpartisanship." But in fact, it's possible to have opinions, even strong ones, and to express them in a non-abusive fashion.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but is Reynolds really claiming that he is "reluctant to engage in name-calling"? Um...yeah. Sure. Because when one is reluctant to engage in name-calling, a good strategy to use is to link every instance of right-wing namecalling in existence with a "Heh" or an "Indeed" or, if one really likes the bit of namecalling in question, a "Heh indeed". Or even a "Read the whole thing". And if you can do so in the same post in which you call John Kerry an "ugly bastard child" of two Presidents one doesn't particularly like, well, hey, your reluctance is so strong that it might be called "reticence".

Heh. Indeed.

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