Monday, October 11, 2004

Any printer geniuses out there?

Are there any tech wizards out there familiar with HP printers? I have a Deskjet 694C that we bought way back in 1997, but which has held up through many adventures, drafts of stories and the Damned Novel, copies of my Star Wars fanfic, and the like. I've had problems with the rollers grabbing on to the paper for several years now, but that's been a workable problem as long as I keep the rollers clean and occasionally hand-feed the paper.

But now, what's happening is this: as soon as the paper is drawn into the printer, the printer immediately ceases functioning: the error light flashes, and nothing ever actually prints. I've tried deleting the printer and reloading the driver software, which has had no effect. I have had problems with the current print cartridge occasionally; could that be gumming up the works at all?

Or could it be -- gasp! -- time to get a new printer entirely?

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