Thursday, October 14, 2004

Answers, we got answers....

Here's the first answer to a question posed in response to my "soliciting questions and/or topics" post (to which replies are still allowed!). Lynn Sislo basically wants to know if I've ever written something here that I really liked and hoped would be seen and linked around Blogistan, but that received no attention at all. I suspect that this happens to just about anyone who blogs both regularly and for quite a while, but there have been two instances that stand out for me. Both were multiple posts organized around a certain theme.

First is the "Star Trek Redux" series of posts, in which I reviewed each Star Trek film. This I did as a follow-up, several months later, to the "James Bond Redux" series, which actually did gain some attention, back in the day: my traffic went from something like fifteen hits a day to forty. The Star Trek posts, though, seem to have been noticed by utterly no one.

The second case was even more disappointing. I really hoped that the posts I wrote last December 11, in honor of Hector Berlioz's two-hundredth birthday, would be noticed a bit by some of the "cultural" bloggers, but these posts received no attention either (aside from that day's usual traffic-levels). So yeah, that was especially disappointing, since Berlioz does constitute a very personal topic for me. I put a lot of energy into those, but the only external link they received, if memory serves, came via a message inside a MeFi thread.

(These posts are linked in the sidebar, by the way, under "Notable Dispatches".)

Of course, Lynn notes in her comment that she's basically whining, so I have to wonder if she has a post of her own in the recent past that she hoped would lead to attention and did not. Lynn?

OK, there's one question down. Any others, folks? Anything you want me to blab on about incessantly, or anything you want to know about Your Humble Narrator? Leave 'em in comments to either this post or this one!

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