Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Random Stupid Observations

This post is exactly what the title says....

:: I don't care if the Beach Boys recorded it; "Kokomo" is not an "oldie", and does not belong on oldies stations.

:: How is it possible that Mountain Dew now apparently comes in something like six different flavors, and not one of them is a color that occurs anywhere in nature?

:: Is English steak sauce really that good? Not a week goes by at The Store that at least two people don't ask me where the English steak sauce is, and not A-1, dammit!

:: I used to like buying trade paperback books because the paper was generally thicker and nicer than the wood-pulp paper in the typical mass-market paperback. So when did TPBs start coming in that crappier paper?

:: Scrubs is the best damn show on TV. Really. Tonight's episode -- a necessity because John Ritter played John Dorian's dad on the show -- was hilarious, touching, and just plain brilliant.

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