Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Holding pattern today....

Probably not much for posting today, because I'm tired and I have a few other things on the plate that need to be cleared away. But for now, don't forget that I'm soliciting questions for me to answer or stuff to post about, as a kind-of low-effort content generating strategy. Leave your queries in comments to this post, or in comments to this one. (This doesn't have to be "topic suggestions", btw -- I'll even field personal questions, if they're not too invasive. Basically, I'm trying to step "outside my box" slightly.)

I'll take care of two queries from the earlier post right now, since their questions are easily answered:

Scott wants to know if I've heard anything about the soundtrack to the film Friday Night Lights, the current drama about high school football in Texas. I actually do want to see this film, but I haven't heard a thing at all about the soundtrack. The reason is fairly obvious, reading Scott's comment: it's apparently by a rock band, and for film music freaks, it's generally the case that any film music not performed and recorded by an orchestra is completely ignored. It kind of bugs me about the fandom, but there it is.

Also, Jess Nevins wants to know what Guy Gavriel Kay's most recent novel is like, since I never reviewed the book in this space. The reason for this, though, is that I reviewed the book over at Green Man Review. More detail is available there. It's a very good book -- not Lions of Al-Rassan good, but it's right up there with A Song for Arbonne and The Sarantine Mosaic.

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