Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sentential Links, #2

I had a good time collecting links and sentences for last week's version of this, so I may start doing it every Sunday. I'm grabbing sentences from blog posts I read elsewhere, and to get the context, you'll just have to click the sentences. OK?

:: If ve say you vill gamble, then you vill gamble. Und you vill smile vhile you are losing.

:: I left the theater emotionally shaken, unable to really talk about the movie.

:: So a few days ago, Mars Global Surveyor took a picture of Mars Odyssey--the first time one extraterrestrial orbiter has taken a picture of another. (And click on the link within the post)

:: I suppose I was distressed enough when I found out that, when viewed from space, the Earth was in fact branded with copyright messages for Google -- presumably these are intended to warn off any other sentient extraterrestrial A.I.'s that might get ideas.

:: Consider: with very few exceptions, Franz Schubert's 600-odd songs were sourced from texts from writers who would certainly have still been in copyright under current legislation.

:: What a bunch of two-faced, filthy-minded hypocrites. Millstones for them all.

:: When you are contacting alien races always be ready to teleport if there is trouble.

:: Professional musicians usually juggle music with administration and hitting on creative ways to earn a living.

:: It's Ok to Show Bum Crack. (OK, this isn't totally fair, since it's actually the title of this blog, as linked by Sheila. But that title, for good or ill, certainly caught my eye, touching as it does a particular phobia of mine. And the blog, a series of cartoons, may not be safe for work. Anyway....)

:: The truth is that there is no reason in the world to elect judges-- the job they do has nothing to do with the popular will, and may run counter to it. (Permalinks never seem to work here; scroll down to the second post dated May 20, 2005.)


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