Saturday, May 14, 2005

Learning something every day

I've followed a bit of Blogistanic debate the last week or so about President Bush and a speech he gave while traveling in the Balkans. Bush specifically referred to the post-World War II Yalta Conference, which has been a buzzword in long-term right-wing circles ever since (it refers to FDR selling out Eastern Europe to Communism; more here).

A Clockwork Bluejay has a pretty good (albeit forceful) rejoinder to Bush (and to a subsequent statement of questionable wisdom by Pat Buchanan), in which I learned that something I've always thought to be true -- that Adolf Hitler was actually elected to his position before be made himself dictator -- isn't entirely accurate. It turns out that basically Hitler was able to manipulate events despite never actually receiving a majority vote (or even a plurality). Fascinating.

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