Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nobody goes there, it's too crowded

When did A Small Victory abandon political content? I don't miss it, actually -- I checked in there about once a week or so because I always enjoyed Michele's cultural content, which seems to be her main focus now. Check her out; there's a lot of fun stuff there now (and probably always has been, if you're on her side of the political fence).

I especially like this post, where she talks about the subjectivity of comedy. I think I read a Roger Ebert column once where he said that you can't really argue about comedy, since you either laugh or you don't; I also seem to recall that he extended this to erotic content as well ("Try talking a man out of an erection," I recall him putting it). I've never liked The Family Guy, but it's true: if someone laughs, that's the ballgame. Arguing about it is pretty useless. (But if you don't think that Scrubs is the funniest thing on TV, then you're hopeless!)

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