Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Balanced, all right (with a big thumb on the scale)

Today while at lunch at the Cafe in The Store, I overheard FOX News on the TV overhead doing some kind of segment on Revenge of the Sith, and sure enough, they were referring to the snore-inducing idea that the movie is actually an anti-Bush allegory. And they brought in an expert to discuss this:

(wait for it)

Michael Medved.

Yup, there was good old Medved, smiling that ever-present pompous smile of his as he announced, "Of course the movie is an attack on Bush!" Luckily, the interlocutor FOX News supplied to counter Medved's idiotic claims said...oh that's right, FOX didn't supply anyone else at all. Just Medved.

I think I might need to return my dictionary to the bookstore, on the grounds that "fair" and "balanced" seem to be defined incorrectly therein....

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