Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Don't Adjust Your Monitor

Because of all my recent heavy traffic (at least, heavy for these parts), I've had to move some of the larger graphics files for this blog -- the masthead, my two "author" shots, and the frequently-used background graphics -- to the webspace my ISP allocates for another screen-name, where I have nothing else residing. So if things feel like they're suddenly loading very slowly, it's because the same old pictures are loading from a different location. Once you load the blog a time or two, the difference should disappear, I hope.

(And boy, has all this Star Wars blogging brought in the traffic! I'm averaging over 200 hits a day the last week or so, which is quite a jolt in the traffic here. Thanks for coming by, readers, and stick around! I really do write about things other than space-opera film series by filmmakers from the San Francisco region in this blog.)

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