Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Blast from the Past, again

This morning I tuned into NPR for just a few minutes on the way into work (because WGR, our local sports talk station, went to station break at the time), and heard part of this story about the economy. In the course of the story, several people from around the country were given the opportunity to briefly give their impressions of how their local economies are going. I wasn't thinking anything of this, until they got to a couple from Portland, OR named Bryan and Chris Higgins. I'm ninety-five percent certain that this couple is one that I went to high school with.

Bryan graduated two years before I did, while Chris graduated in my class. I didn't know Bryan very well, but Chris was a very good friend of mine -- in fact, she's one of those friends that you're genuinely sorry to lose track of, the kind of friend you occasionally Google to see if you can locate any contact info. I'm even more certain that this couple is the one I knew after doing a bit of searching and finding this news article, which apparently received pretty good distribution. The accompanying picture looks a lot like the folks I knew, although I'm not totally sure. I remember Chris telling me she was going to study civil engineering in college, during one of those "What're you doing next year" talks all high school seniors have, and the quoted Chris Higgins is, indeed, a civil engineer. I also seem to recall hearing from an alumni source that the Higginses had, indeed, moved to Portland.

Anyway, you never know who's going to turn up on NPR or in the national news.

(And Chris, Bryan, if you see this, drop me a line!)

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