Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Reader's Request

In comments to this post, Lynn Sislo specifically requests a particular photo, and I aim to please at least part of the readership (at the risk of hopelessly annoying another part of the readership). So here are The Wife and I. This was taken, if memory serves, last Thanksgiving night, after we got home from dinner at my parents' home.

The Wife tells me that she's often getting comments from people to the effect that when they meet me, I'm not what they expected in a husband for her. One person even went so far as to tell her that they envisioned her with a conservative businessman, not an aspiring writer with an affection for workwear. Oh well. It's worked for us for eight years and one week. (Our anniversary was last Tuesday.)

And yes, we actually do go out in public both dressed in overalls on occasion. It's become a kind of little "code" thing between us.

(BTW, I'm 5'10" tall, just by way of perspective. I think this photo makes me look taller than I really am.)

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