Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I haven't linked Mr. Sun in a while, so here's something creepy: he links a site about Levittown, PA. Great God almighty, that place looks creepy: one looks at the map of Levittown and wonders where the Indoctrination Center is.

And that photo that Mr. Sun depicts is just a hoot: I don't know whether to laugh at the guy sticking the TV behind a door, the unbelievable crappiness of his carpentry (did the guy get some kind of really good deal on slats of wood with a giant knots in them?), and the fact that the kid on the left is wearing a shirt that makes him look like he's wearing lederhosen.

Even creepier is the homogeneity of it all, as represented by this quote:

Everybody lives on the same side of the tracks. They have no slums to fret about, no families of conspicuous wealth to envy, no traditional upper crust to whet and thwart their social aspirations.

Jee-bus, that's insane. And I've long been of the mind that I will never live in a place where my lawn needs to meet someone else's standard of care.

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