Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sentential Links, #3

Here we go again, with another round-up of good sentences from better posts. Click the sentence to get the context. I've been gathering these all week. Enjoy!

:: Gosh... I so did not find zen on the back porch!

:: The right can’t lecture to the left about how political correctness stifles and chills speech and thought, while in the next breath exercizing its own brand of PC to stifle and chill speech and thought.

:: I am proud to introduce to the world, and in particular to the attentions of British copyright law, my three-act opera Tristan + Isolde, which bears certain superficial resemblances to the similarly titled Richard Wagner opera....

:: How do you get to that galaxy that's a long time ago and far away? Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

:: We marched out the symphony hall into the cold rain, but our grins were warm.

:: Why cite The Critic -- an animated series that no one in particular actually watched and that is in any case ten years old -- as an example of the current low state of the critical field? (Ah, The Critic -- I liked that show, even if it got shafted mightily by its network, prompting Jon Lovitz -- who voiced the lead -- to go on Letterman and issue one of my favorite snarky one-liners ever, "FOX: they should spell it with a 'U'.")

:: During the decades when hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, were widely available, artists were some of their most eager advocates. (Stephen King, a recovering alcoholic, responds to this idea in his book On Writing by noting, "We all look pretty much the same when we're puking in the gutter.")

:: Hostility is so much easier to deal with than friendliness, for some reason.

:: Wouldn't you sleep more soundly at night knowing Ann Coulter was in the Army and not in a voting booth? (Not from a blog, but I couldn't resist it.)

:: As I read this crap (sorry), I started to wonder whether there just might be a reverse Mozart effect. Maybe classical music makes us dumber.

:: Yes, the pigeon porn couple is back. (Go look. Nice photo here.)

:: They're highly unselective when it comes to mating, gleefully grabbing females, other males, and different species in their quest to copulate. 18 seconds later, they're ready to go at it again. Instead of wooing the female, they simply grab, shag, and run. (You know you're curious as to what this refers to....)

More next week!

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