Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pout, pout....

I've been waiting for this meme, which I last saw done by Matthew Yglesias, to get passed my way -- but then I saw that Kim thinks that we shouldn't have to wait to get "tagged" to do a list-meme, and by Gum, she's right. So here are five things that I just don't get the fuss over.

1. Bladerunner. We all have these: "classics we don't get", and Bladerunner is a big one of mine. I've seen it a number of times, and I just don't find it particularly moving or involving, except for Rutger Hauer's death scene. But everything up to then is dingy dullness. Stunning production design, of course, but a story that I always have to force myself to keep watching. (Oh, and the score by Vangelis is amazing.)

2. Batman. Whether it's the comics or the movies, I don't really get into the Dark Knight. I guess it says it all that my favorite of the Batman movies is the one that Val Kilmer did. For "Gee-whiz" superhero stuff, I like Superman. For superheroes with emotional baggage, Spiderman's my huckleberry. The multi-millionaire who's lonely and fights crime by night? Meh.

3. Alias. You'd think that since I loved The X-Files and the James Bond movies for years, this show would be a slam dunk, but every time I've watched it, I've felt uninvolved somehow. I just never found it interesting enough to keep watching on a regular basis, much less try to parse out the show's mytharc. Plus, it seems to me like nearly every episode's preview has someone with a gun to the bad guy's head, and yet, nobody ever kills him. Come on.

4. Law and Order. I watch about two episodes per year, and I'm good. I just can't tune in for the same formula, week in and week out.

5. Tim Horton's coffee. This is a Buffalo thing -- Tim Horton's is our local donut chain (also prevalent in Ontario), and people in these parts are religious in their devotion to the coffee there. Sure, it's good coffee, but I like the stuff at The Store better.

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