Thursday, May 05, 2005

See the reviews start to pour....

The "I hated the prequels, but...." reviews have started pouring in for Revenge of the Sith at places like AICN, but keep an eye on what the true believers have to say: the TF.N reviews are being posted tonight in their Episode III section.

By the way, as long as I'm jabbering geek-like every day on this blog, I'd like to say something about TheForce.Net. They're one of the first websites I started visiting regularly, when I first started going online way back in early summer of 1997. At that point, the site wasn't even called TheForce.Net; it was something like "The Star Wars Site from Texas A&M University". But even then the ite was pretty much the place to go for updates on the progress of the making of the Prequels. I recall fondly seeing things like a desert set strewn with wreckage (which later turned out to be part of the Podrace sequence of TPM), or a wedge-shaped ship being wheeled from one building to another (which turned out to be Obi-Wan's Jedi starfighter in AOTC).

TheForce.Net has been a daily part of my online life for just about all the time I've actually been online -- and, in fact, just about the entire time I've been married (since we first started going online on the computer we received as a wedding present). So I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the folks behind TF.N for all the hard work they've done over the years in keeping Star Wars fandom alive -- especially the positive aspects of Star Wars fandom. (And I hope that TF.N's traffic doesn't drop like a rock as the Prequels become memory!)

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