Monday, April 18, 2005

Whoa -- you mean, we can elect a NEW comptroller???

During the recent budgetary disasters in my county, I've marveled that our comptroller, the person who actually processes the money, Nancy Naples, has turned out to be not just inept, but spectacularly so. We're talking "hiring Wimpy the hamburger guy from the Popeye cartoons to run a chapter of Weight Watchers" inept. And she had the gall to try to use her performance as a springboard to Congress. Luckily, she lost that race -- and now someone's lining up to run against her for her current job. Good.

I've never heard of Mark Poloncarz before, but as I'm honestly not sure how the job of comptroller could be done worse than it's been done here (maybe if we hired Butch Cassidy to do it), I figure he's our guy for now.

(link via Alan)

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