Sunday, April 17, 2005

Well, that settles that.

I used to be a subscriber to TIME Magazine, but I let it lapse a couple of years ago when I couldn't afford it anymore. I've occasionally considered resubscribing, since I generally liked it, but I should probably wait a bit. I don't want to risk getting this issue in the mail. I try to avoid keeping noxious substances in my home, which is why I do not currently have any ammonia, hydrochloric acid, or photographs of Ann Coulter in the apartment. You can't be too safe. Gotta think of the children.

And besides, I'm once again noting that the lunatics of the Right get to be on the cover of TIME, host nationally-syndicated radio shows, and hold posts like, say, Majority Leader of either house of the United States Congress, whereas the lunatics of the Left make the occasional documentary movie or hold such lofty posts as literature prof at some college in Colorado and only become household names when the "MSM" (itself the most laughable concept since phlogiston) obeys its corporate masters and starts parroting the talking points handed down from the RNC.

(Link via Craig of the North Coast, who owes me some money for the giant hole that TIME cover burned in my retinas.)

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