Saturday, April 02, 2005

A growing economy? Just two hours down I-90....

I'd really like to start being able to link stories like this about Buffalo one of these days, but for now, it's heartening for Upstate New Yorkers to see that Syracuse continues to demonstrate healthy job growth coupled with a decline in public-sector jobs. They continue to lost manufacturing jobs, but that's the only part of their private sector that's still bleeding jobs. So, why isn't anyone amongst Buffalo's "power elite" taking notice and wondering what Syracuse is doing that we aren't? Whenever we hear about someplace else in Upstate New York, it's invariably something along the lines of "Here's how things are in Rochester, and they're doing bad too". Well, it's another hour past Rochester to Syracuse. Let's see what they're doing, since their bag of tricks seems to actually be working.

In other Buffalo-related stuff, Craig took a walk around the Elmwood strip recently -- I really need to get to Elmwood more often -- and he took a number of pictures of development going on there. I particularly like that the new Lexington Co-op is being built right up to the sidewalk, preserving Elmwood's walkability factor. (And looking at the first photo in Craig's post, I note again that Buffalo's tallest and most prominent building is also the dullest-looking damn building in our skyline. Lord. Let me know, readers: do any of you live in cities where your most prominent building looks as bad as ours?)

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