Wednesday, April 20, 2005

OK, now she's just getting smutty.

Michelle posts a bit of porn. Well, it's a kind of porn, if you like fine writing supplies. Stop that! I haven't bought one yet! (But I'm gonna.)

In comments to this post, Michelle expresses an interest in joining the proud ranks of fountain pen users. I should probably do a longer post on fountain pens one of these days -- maybe after the hiatus -- but for now I'll just mention a couple of decent fountain pens that aren't terribly pricey that are good for a first-time fountain pen user.

(By "not terribly pricey", I mean, "they can be bought for under $50.00". It may seem ridiculous to spend that much on a pen, but consider: with proper care, a fountain pen can last pretty much forever. If you write a lot, the thing will pay for itself many times over. And besides, they just look so much cooler than boring pens from aisle six at Office Max.)

First, there's the Sheaffer Prelude, which is one of my favorites. It has nice weight (I like my pens to have a bit of heft), and the grip is nicely done. The Waterman Phileas is also nice, and a bit lighter. And a really nice value is the Rotring CORE, which looks really bulky but balances and handles very nicely.

Of course, if you start using these, you run the risk of becoming a fountain pen collector, which is a seriously bad thing to become. Really. It's horrible. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. (Well, I would. But only on real meanies.)

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