Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ooooooh! Another one!

Yup, it's another one of them blogging game meme things, pilfered this time from Sarah Jane Elliott. What I've done is this: below is a list of twenty musicians I particularly admire, and what the readers need to do is try to guess my favorite work by each one. Some of these, admittedly, will be film composers; I'd like those suggestions narrowed down to specific tracks, but failing that, feel free to name a general score. I'll bold the entries on the list as the correct guesses roll in.

(Oh, and these are in no particular order; I'm just listing musicians as they come to me.)

1. John Williams ("Yoda and the Force" by The Empire Strikes Back)
2. Hector Berlioz
3. Pink Floyd
4. Van Halen
5. Van Morrison
6. Jerry Goldsmith
7. Sergei Rachmaninov ("Symphony No. 2 in E minor" -- but man, that Second Piano Concerto is enthralling)
8. Enya
9. Kate Rusby
10. The Chieftains
11. Alan Silvestri
12. George Gershwin
13. Frank Sinatra
14. Bobby Darin
15. Lerner and Loewe ("On the Street Where You Live", from My Fair Lady. "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" is right up there, though.)
16. The Platters
17. Ludwig van Beethoven
18. Loreena McKennitt ("The Highwayman", indeed. Great bit of song-storytelling there.)
19. Dougie MacLean
20. Jim Croce ("Photographs and Memories" it is! Although "Operator" is the first Croce tune I really loved.)

Give it a shot, folks!

UPDATE the FIRST: Hokey-dokey, folks -- I'm starting to see the trouble with this particular game. I listed the above musicians with specific songs or works in mind, but now that I see a few of the comments, I'm wondering if my original "favorites" are my real favorites or not! Well, keep commenting -- I'll update this as events warrant.

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